Common Questions

Game Time:  Check our schedules page for location and game information

Practice: Practices are held during the week, please check with your coach for practice times.

Uniforms: AYSO Region 126 considers it important for players to be dressed in appropriate soccer uniforms. In this endeavor the following uniform requirements have been established. Players are expected to wear the standard uniform to all games.

1) AYSO Player Shirt - A uniform jersey with AYSO logo.  The uniform jersey is supplied by Region 126 as part of your registration fee.

2) Shorts (Soccer shorts or Athletic shorts). The shorts are supplied by Region 126 as part of the registration fee.

3) Shinguards - Required for all practices and games.  These are supplied by the players.

4) Socks (Must be large enough to cover Shinguards) - The socks are supplied by Region 126 as part of the registration fee.

5) Shoes - Appropriate athletic footwear.   Soccer shoes for older players and soccer shoes and/or tennis shoes for younger players.  These are supplied by the players. Cleats may not contain a "toe cleat" as many football and baseball cleats have.  The toe cleat is against AYSO rules as it can cause injury.  If you already have cleats with a toe cleat, the toe cleat can usually be cut off with a hacksaw.

Jewelry, Earrings and Studs: Jewelry including earrings of any kind, whether or not worn in any body piercing (visible to the referee) must be removed before a player is to be allowed to participate in a match. The same is true of any stud which is used in a body piercing when the jewelry is not being worn

Casts: Players shall not be allowed to practice or participate in any practice or game with any type of cast or splint.

Refunds:   Refund policy is specified under Registration tab.

Fees:  Region 126 sets the player registration fees each year.  We pay a yearly per player fee to AYSO National to cover the services received from AYSO.  In Region 126, our season commences with the fall (August-November) and continues with the spring season (March-May).  All fees are paid for online using our registration website, Blue Sombrero.

Training:  Region 126 provides training for coaches and referees. .  All training is provided at no charge.

Region 126 Phone Number: If you have a question, need information, or don't know who to call to volunteer, please call or text Brie Bennett at 619-345-1144 or Bill Parker at 801-599-0814.