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AYSO Online Training

The AYSO Online Training & Certification Courses are part of the overall education and training model. These opportunities are not intended to replace any other method of training, but will act as a valuable supplement to the training opportunities already available.  Online education is a viable alternative for many of our AYSO volunteers.

To access the online courses and receive certification or credit, you must be a registered AYSO volunteer on Blue Sombrero.  Instructions on how to access AYSO University are in the link below.

Upon completion (and, in some cases, passing a test), you will be able to print a certificate of successful completion, and your volunteer record will be updated in AYSOU. (AYSOU updates occur weekly.)

Below are some courses which are available through online training at

AYSO's Safe Haven was developed to protect both children and volunteers. The program covers protection guidelines, safety and injury prevention as well as the important of role modeling sporting behavior and supporting the philosophies of AYSO.

CDC Concussion Course

By taking this free, online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive - both on and off the playing field.

*Please note: this course times out after a certain period of time. To avoid losing progress or having to start over, please attempt to complete the course within 20-30 minutes. At the end of the course, please make sure to print your certificate, as your information will be lost after you close the browser window. You will only receive your certification after passing the set of questions at the end of the course. 

AYSO's Summary of the Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are intended to provide that games should be played with as little interference as possible and in this view, it is the duty of the referees to penalize only deliberate breaches of the Law. Constant whistling for trifling and doubtful breaches produces bad feelings and loss of temper on the part of the players and spoils the pleasure of spectators.

 ***Important Notice****

This module is designed to provide learners with a general understanding of the Laws of the Game or rules for playing soccer. Please see the Regional Referee course to become a certified referee.

Regional Referee Course

U6 Coach

U8 Coah

U10 Coach