2018 Fall - Referee Sign Up Schedule  
Click on the Referee Sign-Up Schedule spreadsheet, and insert you name next to the games you wish to referee. The green areas are open slots. Please input a C for center and AR for assistant referee next to your name.
If you have any questions with the schedule or filling out the referee spreadsheet, please please contact Amy Whitlock at

Region 126 Referee Incentive Program 
$4000 has now been budgeted annually for referee incentives. Yes you read that correctly FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. This money will be placed in a referee incentive program bank, where any CURRENT registered and certified volunteer will receive a gift of appreciation from the region based on the number of games that they referee or assistant referee.
Contact Regional Referee Administrator Amy Whitlock ( for more details.



AYSO Referees Must be Certified
in the Following Training Courses:

Safe Haven
 Concussion Training

All Referees are required to take the new Concussion Training 
Greetings all,
You should have received an email talking about our latest Utah Law regarding concussion training. This in addition to Safe Haven is two of the most critical trainings we can provide our volunteers. I am making this priority number one in the spring season because I want our children to be in the safest possible environment around. I ask that you support me in this goal to get 100% Concussion and safe haven training completed for all volunteers by the start of the spring season. This will require age commissioners to follow up with your coaches after the meeting on the 10th to ensure this happens.

 Utah State law now requires Head Concussion training in all sports activities including AYSO. To be in compliance the following two options are given to Coaches and Referee's

I can assure you that this training is critical for all so that we can help identify signs, assist in corrective steps to get the players back on the pitch and most importantly learn how to prevent concussions. If you have any questions regarding this new mandate training please contact our Safety Director Thomas Hardman at

Thanks again for everything you do for the kids

Online Concussion Training:
Please log into the website below and complete the training (this takes about 45 minutes).  You will need to sign and print out the certificate and email it to our Safety Director Thomas Hardman.