Parents, you support the league by volunteering for one of the many tasks required to keep the league operating. The tasks fall into one of the following 4 categories. Click on a category to learn more about the options available within that group.  Please list the volunteer job you would like to do on your child's registration form.


The Board positions are essential to running the region. We cannot operate the league without them.  The period typically runs through the soccer year which is August 1st through July 31st of the following year. You are expected to participate in monthly board meetings.

Even if a position is currently filled, please let us know if it interests you as we can always use a new assistant in training!


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Want to support the Region but have a busy schedule? These jobs may be just right for you!  There are a number of jobs that, while they do have a deadline, are pretty much administrative jobs that can be done on your schedule. Maybe it works for you to have a few minutes of spare time in the morning. Or maybe in the evenings after the kids are in bed. What ever the case may be, these jobs can be done almost any time as long as you have some basic organization skills and are comfortable working on the computer.

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Want to be more involved with the operations of the league? These volunteers are essential to making the games possible. If you like to be outdoors or like to do some physical work, these jobs may be for you.


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Want to be right next to the action? Love soccer and want to be more involved in the game? Do you enjoy being around the kids? If so, these jobs may be for you!


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Once you have selected the job you wish to volunteer for go back to the registration page and proceed to STEP #2